Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Five Major Tourist Spots in Sikkim Silk Route

Sikkim silk route, which is also known as the old silk route, is the ancient trade route between China and India. Spanning a length of 10,000-kilometre, silk route traded several goods and commodities like silk, tea, horses and many more. This route also played a significant role in the development of civilization along with the cultural exchanges. Availing a Silk Route tour package and satiating the wanderlust will be any traveller’s delight.

Top Tourist Spots in the Sikkim Silk Route

Lingtam- It is the first village in the silk route, which is a popular tourist destination. Surrounded by hills on all sides, this hamlet offers peace and tranquillity. The pleasant weather all-round the year is another reason why tourists prefer coming here. Aritar Lake, the mountains and natural beauty are the major attractions of this place.
Rishikhola- Named after the Rishi River that flows in this region, Rishikhola is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Sikkim silk route. Steep hills dotted with lush green forests surround this region. Riverside camping is a hot tourist activity here. Rishikhola also offers the best in adventure trekking. The sparkling, cool water of the river is a treat to the weary travellers.

Zuluk- This place offers some fantastic views of the eastern Himalayan mountain range. It is located at the height of 10,000 feet on the lower Himalaya and wild forests surround this small village. It is emerging as a major tourist destination due to its scenic appeal. The place does not have any resorts, but homestays are allowed. Most often, tourists spend a day and a night over here and proceed further to other destinations.
Nathang valley- This lush valley is no less than a paradise. Perched at a high altitude, snow-clad mountains surround this valley. Tourists mainly engage in trekking and watching the sunrise over the Himalayas. There are no water activities available here. Also, the army cantonment occupies most of the valley, and the tourists are not permitted to enter these areas. Finding accommodation has never been a problem for visitors here as there are several bungalows, resorts and hotels suitable for all budgets in Nathang valley.

• Lungthung- This scenic hamlet is located at an altitude of 11,500 feet above the sea level. Positioned at the top of a hill, it gives an amazing view of the Himalayan Ranges. On one side, you can get the view of the snow-capped mount Kanchenjunga, and on the other hand, you can see the meandering roads of Zuluk. During the winter season, Lungthung is covered with snow all over. The forests surrounding the village has numerous rare birds like the Pheasants and the Red Panda.

If you ever decide to travel to these destinations mentioned above, you must get a SilkRoutetourpackage from the Spring Vale resorts. They provide you with an in-depth planning, guide and travel services so that you can have the best trip of your life without having to worry about anything. So, get ready to make the Sikkim Silk Route your next travel destination.

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